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The phrase “How much is the pay, I can’t kill myself” is a very popular saying among young people. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if you take that job seriously you would get a better offer, a promotion or arise. So this is my first write up for my site and I want it to be top-notch.
Back to the “kill myself” part which I definitely don’t mean, my very good friend would say if you want to stand out in life you have to be the best of your kind. If you are a goat, be the best goat that ever lives and every time he says this I can resonate with it because I have always wanted to stand out (good or bad) ”judge me not please” but then definitely in a positive way. It can be hard sometimes and I cry about it sometimes but I have to do it.
Here is my point “if you ever want to stand out, you would have to put in your best’’ like you alone can mark yourself well even if you want to form a very good bad guy, your conscience would prick heaven and hell out of you. Working at that place of work might not be what you envisioned for yourself and trust me it sucks but you should still do it well because you never might know who is watching you or when that dream job would come and while you are doing all of this don’t forget to improve yourself.
The end of my whole story is that to stand out you must earn it because nobody actually owes you anything.