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I recently started blogging again after about 15 months of owning a Website, 4 unpopular blog post, a full year of procrastination. *Sounds like a lot* right? Not that I wasn’t writing again at all I mean, I had written articles in about of 3 Magazine edition for my Organisation and One of which featured the Vice President of Liberia. Yet I had serious doubts in writing for myself *I was scared and unsure*. I decided to change that this year and go for it (what’s the worst that can happen, Nobody would read it).

So before my second blog post for the year, I decided to keep track of everyone reading. So I took Google analytics classes, installed plugins, designed my own HTML emails plenty of things to be sure I got it right this time and every time I checked something off my to-do-list I felt so much gratitude, my confidence hit another level.

After recently publishing, I shared my post views success on my social media platforms (on Whatsapp ) from 10views to 45views to 93views, I was too glad words don’t do justices (Thank you too, everyone, that read my last blog post I promise better content in the coming months). Then I got a shocker where I was questioned if I just started blogging and I asked why this person was said because my excitement level was high *I laughed inside ooo* because I could not explain that I had failed at it so many times to be grateful for it now, also that showing gratitude makes the mind function better and make me produce better content.

There is so much self-contentment and inner peace that comes with gratitude. The power of gratitude goes beyond the physical, it’s a mental state of fulfilment that is beyond human understanding. Oreoluwayemisi

Research has shown, According to UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, expressing gratitude (the quality of being thankful and readiness to show appreciation), changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps the grey matter functioning, and makes us healthier and happier (Scientist have proven it) and it is also good for business.

That whole incident left me thinking about how many times we as humans have the opportunity to be grateful and we aren’t for reasons best known to us yet feeling miserable. You can keep a Gratitude Journal if you have too and, you should too. Harvard Health Publishing, in one of its post, stated that “giving thanks makes you happier”

The remaining days this year should be bursting with lots of love, gratitude, life keep a book or box filled with all the things you have done since the beginning of the year, all the things you are doing right now and all the things you would be doing and everything you check something off or add to it, raise a glass of water/wine to it (as your spirit leads) and be grateful.

I am going to be spending the next few weeks expressing gratitude for all the good stuff going on around me and I am encouraging you to join me.

Download my Gratitude chart here: 28 Days of Gratitude you can either get a box/jar and every day you fill it and keep or you share your gratitude journey with everyone and post it on social media or you simply keep a Gratitude Journal and always go back to it.

Thanks for reading.