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You are wondering why “Happy new year”, well its because I have finally been able to articulate what I want for myself this year and I hope you do too if you haven’t figured it out yet. It does not cost an arm and leg to hope and work for the best this year. This is my second post this year but my first official one and I am working hard to make this a habit (once a week) in 2020.

The first few days for the year are always filled with plenty of drama (new year resolutions, new year- new me drama) but nothing we can’t handle I’m sure.

Let me jump right into it, I recently reworked my entire website, broke it a few times but came out victorious, nothing glamorous, theme changes, more arranging and a bit of analytics. PS. I had to take Google Analytics for beginners in trying to get it together. The new face of Oreoluwayemisi was designed by ME, website, logo, everything, etc.

I divided my blog write-ups into six parts that mean a lot to me and I hope I can share my experiences with you in the cause of the year 2020.

The Lifestyle Session: It’s not going to be your regular lifestyle write-ups ooo. I’m not a makeup or fashion enthusiast so this blog session is about my lifestyle ( The way I live my life). I am many things depending on the side of my bed I wake up on (Pun intended) random things like Internship Experience, First Facial Session, Makoko Experience amongst others would be here. Please don’t be disappointed if I write about my food experiences a couple of times as a level 6 local guide on Google, I want to get to level 10 this year and get my own Google Pixel 4 phone, I plan to go out more often and I have plenty of restaurants on my list. *Its money that remains*

The Volunteering Session: I have spent the last 18 months volunteering in one of African’s off most Not-for-profits so I have a lot experience up my sleeve and I’m going to be sharing this with you. I would also be sharing my monthly volunteer goals with other organizations.

The Mentorship Session: I am not here to aspire to perspire you oo, I would be sharing every opportunity I have this year to make someone better. There is one I am looking forward too, I was a Gender-based violence mentor last year check out my post under the mentorship session. I would be talking about something else this year at the Beauty, Body, and Brains Mentorship Platform.

The Tech session: This session is importanter than the rest. (Importanter should be a word *winks*) I would be sharing plenty of tech jargon here not because I have a tech background but because I love tech even though I have abandoned my programming classes ( I am sorry bee) I would be having some of Africa’s best in the industry contribute in this session.

The Business Session: I am not good with numbers unless money is involved, hence the reason why this session is here is not for that. I would be discussing better business practices from a customer’s point of view. You would find it insightful.

The Books session: I saved the best for the last, one of my goals for the year is to build a personal library with books cutting across different authors and genre. We would be doing one book preview monthly and it might increase if I find a wonderful read.

Starting a subscription-based newsletter is also on my 2020 to-do list, getting contributors for my blog is also on that list. I would keep you in the loop.

May this year give you all the things your heart desires.

Thank you for reading.